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Has the Church replaced Israel in God's prophetic plan?

Sadly most Christians would answer yes, arguing that since the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ the role of ethnic Israel has come to an end. I personally held this view for many years. My position changed after a neutral and honest study of the facts. I recall reading Romans chapters 9-11 wherein scripture spoke for itself and the scales fell away as I realised God had not finished with Israel. Later I went on to study in the academy specialising in Biblical interpretation and my position on Israel has never changed, in fact, my conviction has been fortified by years of rigorous academic inquiry. 

If you are a Christian and have been taught the doctrine of supersessionism also known as replacement or fulfilment theology, then I have to inform you this doctrine is seriously flawed on many levels. Admittedly the question of Israel is not salvific and therefore of a secondary nature. Nevertheless, it is my conviction that our understanding of what God says in his word about Israel stands very close to the epicentre of truth.


Additionally, eschatology or the study of the "last things" including Jesus second Advent is closely interwoven with the Jews and Israel. Invariably how we understand Israel impacts our theological method of biblical interpretation, which in turn colours our Weltanschauung (worldview) and directs how our minds process reality. Rejection of God's prophetic plan's for Israel hamstrings the biblical exegete, forcing multiple spiritualisations of otherwise straightforward passages.


Perhaps you have never dared enter the debate over Israel or have simply accepted the traditional view taught? I urge you to look further. Watch and listen carefully to the below two teaching episodes with Dr Chuck Missler who answers from scripture the vital question: Has the Church replaced Israel?


Further teachings aids follow these studies along with links to Christian advocacy ministries. See also our Revelation Series on Fenlands Evangelical network for a rundown of the prophetic calendar and momentous events yet to come! For a discussion on Galatians 6:16 and the Apostle Paul's phrase "Israel of God" check out this resource

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