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Pastor Jason Wright - the journey so far...













My Story - Printable pdf format




Pastors UPDATE

I have pastored Bourne Evangelical Church since 2013 and was was officially ordained in 2016.

My love of learning has taken me into academia wherein I studied biblical theology and hermeneutics at Kings Evangelical Divinity School. After six years of distance learning I received my Bachelor of Theology degree in 2016 (via Chester University).






Jenny & Jason graduation 2016

Online I have written several articles for the blog Watchtower Investigated - some of which are available to read on Tony Browns website "Cults Investigated"


I also served for two years on the council of elders at Christian Ministerial Fellowship International and am currently part way through my Master of Divinity degree. 

I am available to lecture on a variety of subjects with special focus on 19th century millenarianism, postmodernism and biblical hermeneutics; please visit my personal website for more information: 

What next? Watch this space! - All glory be to God on high!

Jason (2019)


Listen to Dr S. M. Lockridge

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